Oral Examination, Diagnosis & Treatment plan €30
Scale & Polish €40
Radiograph €10
Prescription €30
Root Planing (per quadrant) €70
Composite (white) filling €75-95
Amalgam (silver) filling €70-85
Acrylic (plastic) denture €300-450
Root canal treatment €300-550
Chrome- cobalt denture €650-700
Extraction €70-90
Surgical extraction €120
Post/core €150
Crown €600-700


Medical Card Holders

Medical Card holders are entitled to 1 annual examinatiom and emergency treatment; this covers two fillings and all extractions per calendar year. Further treatment such as root canal and dentures are covered after approval from the local public dental surgeon. For full details, contact your local HSE office.

PRSI Covers

Please contact us with your pps number so we can check if you qualify for a free dental examination.