Six month smiles

The 6-month-smiles system is a fast and effective way to provide you with the smile you have always hoped for. Book an appointment for a free consultation on the 6 month smiles and finally have the smile you deserve


Q: How can it be done in just 6 months?
We use highly flexible orthodontic wires with minor adjustments of the teeth to move your teeth quickly and easily into their correct position.

Q: Does it hurt?
No. There is no pain with the treatment and no injection. We use low forces to move the teeth and some minor discomfort in the first week is normal as the teeth begin to move but this can easily be managed with over the counter painkillers if needed.

Q: What can be fixed?
We can straighten crooked teeth, close gaps and correct cross bites.

Q: Does the 6 month braces technique damage the teeth?
The Teeth are not damaged by the process and because it is so fast, there is none of the drawbacks of conventional orthodontics.

Q: Does the 6 month braces cost more than regular braces?
No. Because of the short time required, the technique is usually much cheaper than conventional orthodontics.

Q: Do I have to pay upfront?
A part payment is required upfront. This fee is used to cover the lab cost from the six month smiles lab in the USA. The balance is paid over the six month treatment cycle We will be happy to discuss payment options with you in the initial consultation. We are very flexible and will work with you to find a payment plan that suits you.

Q: What type of braces are they?
We provide a clear brace system.

Q: Do you extract teeth?
We try to avoid extraction where possible. In rare cases, an extraction may be required.

Q: How often will I need to attend the surgery?
About once a month.

Q: Will I need a retainer?
Yes. All orthodontics requires a retainer and this is covered in the cost of the braces. We normally provide fixed (bonded) retainers and clear, removable retainers, which double up as tooth whitening trays. We also provide free bleach for any teeth treated with six month smiles.

six month smiles

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